Isa Arfen: New Favorite Designer Alert

Isa Arfen Spring/Summer 2015

A Palm Springs Pool Party in the late 60′s. Of course, one of those fancy ones with bubbly, uncomfortable designer heels, and no one in the pool cause the clothes are far too amazing to even take off. That’s how I would describe the mind-blowingly chic collection that the Londoner designer for Isa Arfen created for the following Spring.  The parade of summer clothes were created specifically for the feminine, lady-like fashionista that fills up her closet with A-line dresses, 2-piece suits, and Vinyl raincoats when there’s no sign of rain.

The clothes also give an aura of the late sixties, making it reasonable for someone to come up with a Valley of the Dolls movie sequel and style it with this mod galore.

The hues chosen were perfect for the mod-loving girl: color-blocking primary colors in pastel and a black accent either as a hair wrap or as clothing detail on several garments that reminded me of cinderella’s choker.

Hair and make up was minimal, Aubrey Hepburn-like. The collection was definitely a mash-up of summer, the sixties, cinderella and Aubrey Hepburn. Who knew Isa Arfen had a checklist with all my favorite things!

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