Guest Blog Post: Aldo Carrera, Fashion Photographer

My inspirations come mainly from my surroundings. My friends are my muses and the cities I’ve lived in inspire my photographs. I studied at the Academy of Art, but recently relocated to Los Angeles. Trying to expand my work is something I will keep on doing. My next move is New York, sooner than later.

My aesthetics consist of raw, pure beauty. I only use film to shoot. It has a raw, vintage quality that digital cameras don’t have. I’d rather use a disposable camera than a digital one. I carry my film camera everywhere, I document my friends, my family and random street people or architecture that are interesting to my eye, which later becomes part of my inspiration.

I love shooting fashion. The movement of the clothes, how they wrap around the body, the cuts. I love when stylists totally do something crazy with clothes, like wearing them backwards or ripping seams apart to get a specific shot or look.

Candids are the best. I usually put those in my portfolio. When a model is doing something mundane like adjusting a shoe or wiping off a strand of hair, that’s when the camera goes “click.” “Ready or not, here I come,” I tell them.

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