Understanding the “Bare Face”


For me, it was more of a call for self-love, something alien to me. Growing up Hispanic, it is almost enforced to wake up at the crack of dawn to start heating up the curling iron and prepping the daily make-up routine. For school. And by school I mean high school.

I wasn’t a fan of curls for school, but I never went to a class without at least lower-lash mascara. A slave to eyeliner.  I looked 23 at 13. Fake hair and eyelash extensions could be found splattered on my teenage bedroom the morning after a night out.

I tried rainbow hair before every fashion blogger turned it into a blogging requirement. By 18, I was fed up. Fed up of not knowing my own features. I wasn’t outlining them, I was hiding them.

Instead of changing my diet or adding healthy skin products to my regime, I expanded my make-up collection in hopes of achieving the “natural, dewy look”.

Do you know the shape of your eyes or the lining of your lips? My eyes are almond-shaped and my my mouth is a cloudy puff, something I couldn’t notice under the layers of the disgusting pink lipstick array that my 15-year-old self and my free-spirited mother approved of. Thank her.

Thank her and every other muse that made me be content and comfortable with my own bare features. My mother for letting me experiment with my face and hair before I was of legal age, as now I’m fed up of cakey make-up, overly done brows, and powder blush (I prefer it a-la-creme); and my muses for inspiring great skin and ongoing daily facial routines that my 50 year old self will thank me for.

I don’t wear make-up because I’m lazy. I’m lazy because that’s just who I am……but back to the make-up absence: its due to the discovery of self-love. Or the trial path to self love, for me. I hated my face as soon as the face-wipe lifted every sign of flesh-colored face paint and the blackness and coarseness of my lashes was suddenly diminished to a negative zero.

I don’t remember when I started realizing how liberating not wearing anything can be, but it sure makes me happy. I still hoard about a thousand beauty products atop my vanity desk, but I mainly stick to three: Trader Joe’s vitamin Oil, whichever moisturizer I’m trying at the moment, and Surratt’s Brow Pomade. I’ve been hooked on it for about a year now, when I read somewhere that it was the best brow gel for unruly and thick brows. Turns out it is. I also use it on my lashes instead of mascara for daytime. I highly recommend it for those with thick, wild, and rebel eyebrows.


So here are some unedited and make-up-less pictures of me. I’m only wearing the products on the picture above, and a very cool vintage bandana from Portland. Please note that my favorite brow product appears more than once in the images below.

_MG_9676  _MG_9675


Wearing: Trader Joe’s Vitamin E oil / Surratt Beauty Brow Pomade / NUDE pro-genious milk

(I recommend all of these products for a healthy, even complexion and Surratt’s pomade is amazing. Just amazing.)

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