About Sasha Leon

Sasha is a freelance fashion stylist and journalist. Her work has been published in several print and online magazines including FourTwoNine, Haunt, 180, among others.

Based in NYC.


Published work:

FourTwoNine online:

Anna K, an interview

Dana Thomas, an interview

Meet Tennis, the band

CopyLab, your newest fashion inspo

Fashion School Daily:

Fashion & Music: Lorde

Digital Tools for Fashion Media

WiSHi Blog:

Whites for Winter

Chunky Scarves How to

Jumpsuits for lazy mornings

Haunt Magazine:

Table for One


How do I even describe myself? I can start with young, experimental and free-spirited, which leads to an open mind, and ability to adapt to new environments, and a lot of room for mistakes. I am totally reckless and usually follow my gut intuition for serious life decision-making.. but it all works out. Maybe it’s the ovaries? Who knows.

I like natural beauty, like that of a French girl with no sign of a bra; only the bed-head that she’s been rocking since birth. My style icons are long gone and composed of minimalism, like Jane Birkin and Uschi Obermaier. Minimalism is a big part of my creativity.

Here is where my mind unleashes itself with no fear of judgement. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and a voice, so here’s mine. What other people think about me is not my problem. I am somewhat susceptible to criticism but I try to go out of my comfort zone to grow creatively and to be appreciative towards others.


I have written for FourTwoNine magazine, www.fashionschooldaily.com, 180 magazine , dot429.com, and Academy Art U news among others. I’m from Mexico and am fluent in Spanish; currently living in NYC.

I write for Office Magazine in New York City and live in Brooklyn. I also intern with Clare Byrne.

I am a freelance fashion stylist and photoshoot producer. Check out my portfolio here.

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